Sine qua Noise

Two hours of electro-experimental sonic art, with live performances and recordings. Tape music, drones, noise, improvised sound ...
hosted by Ariel Salomon and Howie Stelzer
WMBR 88.1FM, Thursday 8-10pm.

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1/21/05: I'm taking a break from radio, as I just don't have the time to concentrate on the show now. The next couple of weeks will be covered by Patrick and Thao. I might make a last appearance in Feb before the new season starts.

1/5/05: The band Urdog will be playing a live set which will air 1/27/05.

12/1/04: Two more guests this month, and a recap of last month:
Fall/Winter 2004
Nov 11The Juliet Kilo
Nov 18Vic Rawlings
Dec 9Interview with Brendan Wood (Devil Music Ensemble)
Dec 16Es (from Finland)

10/7/04: Give a big welcome to Howie Stelzer, the new co-host of Sine qua Noise. Between the extra manpower and my healing clavicle, we'll be more reliably delivering the noise you need.

7/15/04: Check out the new WMBR Experimental Concert Report link.

If you are interested in performing live on the radio in Boston, drop us a line:

Noise and experimental music in Boston
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